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Dalby Forest Lodges - your home from home - just call on 01751 460391

We've been busy over the last few months, and we have developed our Green Policy at Dalby Forest Lodges
Our aim is to work with the environment and not against it.

We are committed to provide a five star service whilst minimizing the environmental impact of our activities.

We are trying to reduce greenhouse gasses, and promote the ideas of sustainability whilst still maintaining a luxurious way of life



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Eco friendly Log and Pellet Combination Boiler, providing lots (and lots) of hot water and central heating for all our lodges (and the sauna, and all communal areas)
Composting - green waste, peelings, old fruit & veg are composted with garden rubbish to fertilize the soil.
Recycling containers for glass, cans, paper, cardboard and plastic
Collection points for batteries and metals.
Low energy light bulbs throughout our site
Eco friendly washing up liquid and cleaning products in every lodge
Recycled paper products used on all our literature
Local deli and butcher provide locally produced meat, cheese and all sorts of lovely treats
We use byproducts from the wooden fencing industry to provide fuel for the wood burners and our District Heating
We keep the area dark with few outside lights (don't worry, we do provide torches) so as to not upset the surrounding extensive wildlife. We are in one of the dark sky award areas, so you get to see a myriad of stars as a real bonus
Plans of local nature walks are available in your lodge
The building programme for the lodges not only included much recycled material
but also used lots of local timber sourced from forests nearby. And the insulation in the floor, walls and roof mean your lodge hardly uses any precious energy.
Garden furniture comes from an FSC approved suppliers.
Only reusable linen, crockery and tableware are used

All our used water is treated on site to a really high standard, so no nasties can escape